Life as a daydream

❝ It's a story looking for a meaning, with way too many endings, and not enough beginnings.❞
By Anna Sophia

So my boyfriend’s moving back to Sweden in less than 2 weeks, which means that I will never see him EVER again. We are breaking up in less than two weeks and I will be alone again.

Am I crazy to be EXTREMELY depressed? I am SO sad. This tumblr is about to get really depressing. 

  1. searchingforahome answered: I’m really sorry Ana :(. Is there anything I can do? If you want to talk, let me know.
  2. allthatihaveiswhatidont answered: You won’t be alone. It will probably feel like someone ripped your heart out, but you’ll survive cause that’s what you do.
  3. alinainwonderland answered: You’re not crazy to be extremely depressed. My boyfriend is moving to Japan Sept 24. I can relate completely.
  4. adaland answered: You’re not crazy because of that, it’s completely normal. I’d be extremely depressed too, I’m sorry
  5. elisabethrenee answered: There are planes that go to Scandinavia, you know… Sure you should be sad, but you can see him if you want to and if it’s worth it for you.
  6. genesis21-6 answered: awww i’m so sorry. that breaks my heart :( and no, it is perfectly normal to feel that way. xo
  7. bluntswithsatan said: Aw. :( Keep your head up.
  8. mtnsformiles answered: I’m sorry Ana :/ I know how you feel, and I really am SO sorry. If you need anyone to talk to, I’m here. And don’t forget to eat.
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