Life as a daydream

❝ It's a story looking for a meaning, with way too many endings, and not enough beginnings.❞
By Anna Sophia

If time travel was possible, what advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

  1. cameronrolls answered: oh boy. probably to not act like a naive kid who thought she knew everything. haha :P aren’t we all like that though as a kid?
  2. joyannelise answered: "You will find the love of your life the day after the person who you thought was the love of your life breaks your heart. Be patient. Wait."
  3. brarchy answered: Go for it.
  4. blond---ie said: Nothing, I wouldn’t want to risk changing who I am today. Well maybe I would tell myself to take some risks
  5. jesmassage answered: cliche, but… don’t fall in love.
  6. shiftandshuffle answered: All that hope, optimism, positivity, and imagination you have right now - don’t lose that & do what you really want even if you’re scared
  7. adaland answered: Think things through, don’t make rash decisions. Think about the consequences.
  8. theleavinglight answered: get help, please
  9. missyjiffy answered: To stop trying to fit in. Just accept yourself and be happy.
  10. a-saint-i-am-not answered: take it easy on yourself, live a little and be wise. great things are going to happen to you.
  11. seekingandstriving said: 're just going to regret it.
  12. seekingandstriving answered: stop trying to impress people…you
  13. rumi-nate answered: DAMNIT HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU BACK. stop wasting your time.
  14. job3rt answered: to never steal cause karmas a bitch
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